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Default Re: glitter headbands

Originally Posted by rubytoots View Post
That's the exact thing I was thinking about that fabric, it reminds me of the chalkmat stuff.

I tried the foam stuff, and it worked for a little bit, but if you sew it, it will eventually break and gluing didn't hold too well. Also the foam stretches. I just couldn't ever sell it if I thought it was going to break easily.

Like I said, Joanns had the ribbon in lots of colors, I picked up a few and I'm wearing one right now and I like it.
I've looked everywhere for that ribbon. Would you mind telling me what it's called? I don't know if I'm just not looking for the right stuff or my craft stores just don't carry it??

I was wondering if it was some sort of vinyl? I agree the backing isn't ribbon. I'll have to see what chalk mat fabric is. I'm not familiar with it.
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