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Default Re: LAMBS new RIB-N-RAPS template

Originally Posted by jakey1028 View Post
got mine today. I started messing with it already. I needed help making small bows wih 3/8 ribbon. The xs template is way too tiny. Would look good on maybe a bitty snap clip. Looks funny on an aligator clip, well to me anyways.

Using the small template with 3/8 ribbon, my boutique bow doesn't look right. It culd be I dont have he right stuff to tie off with. My cord is kinda thick and stiff.
What are you tying off with? I do not have these templates, but I have the TNT and am using upholstery thread. I go thru most of the motions including sewing them. After that, I slide off of the template and use my gator bite to crease and finish it up. I think I get a better crease this way.
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