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Default Re: Our new website cover pic

Originally Posted by PinkMarshmallow View Post

I love the picture...and the b/w makes it that much more beautiful. Is the clip in color? If it is, then my only constructive criticism would be to have her wear something that is a little bigger or more colorful to showcase your work. I can hardly see that little clip on her pretty little head

Loving your website! It look so professional and beautiful!

Thank you! The picture was taken by a friend of mine just as a yearly photo of my kids, but when I saw this one I thought since it was one of our barrettes we might as well use it to our advantage on the website! LOL

Thanks for checking out our website! I'm in the process of re-taking all of our pictures. It's definitely a work in progress.....

BTW, if anyone wants to see all of the pictures taken with this one (they're just of my kids, not products) you can go to my friend's website and click on "recent photos" and then "Sarah N". I am actually am exchanging products for her to use as props for the pictures she took. She's then going to let us use her pictures on our site. It's a win-win for everyone! LOL

Here is a link.... PhotoReflect - Amy Kassler Photography
Sarah & Jennifer
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