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Default Re: Anyone do bow parties

Great topic/thread! I'm planning on having my first bow party next month. My two youngest sisters live near me and they and their girlfriends have a "Girl's Night Out" every Tuesday night (basically, they go out with their girlfriends and drink a LOT of wine!). I'm going to have one of my sisters "host" the party (she's hosted a bunch of Pampered Chef, Tupperware, etc.) on a Tuesday night. I'm planning on bringing a bow buffet (mix of all of my bows) and a bunch of my flip flops (girls and Mommy sizes). Since they're used to having cocktails, I bought a bunch of pink plastic martini glasses and we're going to serve "bow-tinis" with zebra-striped alligator clippies attached to the stems like drink charms. That way they can take those home with them, as well as their little free gifts (flower clippies) and there will be a door prize as well (bow holder). I found the cutest zebra-striped & pink plates and napkins at HL (ok, I've just been looking for an excuse to buy these!). We'll just serve little bites (haven't figured out what yet - nothing too messy!). This crowd isn't really into party games so I'm not sure if I'll do any.

I don't know. Any other suggestions?

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