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Default Re: glitter headbands

Originally Posted by squabbles View Post
These are really cute and a good idea. I would wear them myself also.

I was checking out both sites... Jennie Finch Store and and they aren't made out of ribbon. I'm not exactly sure what kind of material it is, but the inside of the ribbon reminds me of my chalkboard fabric. I will have to look into this more.
That's the exact thing I was thinking about that fabric, it reminds me of the chalkmat stuff.

I tried the foam stuff, and it worked for a little bit, but if you sew it, it will eventually break and gluing didn't hold too well. Also the foam stretches. I just couldn't ever sell it if I thought it was going to break easily.

Like I said, Joanns had the ribbon in lots of colors, I picked up a few and I'm wearing one right now and I like it.
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