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Default Re: Anyone do bow parties

Gosh, that's so hard! I know that lot's of ladies on here use the phrase "you can't sell what you don't have" and I can really see where that is very true. I'm really small potatoes here, so I tried to make as much as I was physically able to make time wise and supply wise. I didn't want to buy lots of supplies and have my party be a flop, as I mentioned I only invited previous customers. I actually had about 100 bows- 2"-5" (boutique & pinwheel), 50 korkers- 1"-4" (my favorite), 30 streamers- 7" & 11" and 150 clippies- plain, w/bows, ice cream cones, & lady bugs. That seemed to be a good amount for the people that were here. I had a custom order sheet ready, but it seems as though people like to take things home with them. I know that I do. That probably doesn't help much.
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