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Default Re: Anyone do bow parties

Originally Posted by angelkajm View Post
The party at your house is a great idea! I host a "bow party open house" once every few months (my next is August 22) at my home and the turn out has been GREAT! That would probably be your best bet and then let those that come know about your parties and I am sure you will get a couple of bookings from that. Yes, start with the open house and when you do a bow party treat it a lot like an open house and you are there to answer questions as they have them. I found the organized "speach" parties don't do as well for me. Remember they are there to buy not to learn all about our world of ribbon and the different textures etc. they could really care less as long as they get that PERFECT bow for their DD dress they just purchased etc. ha ha ha I hope this helps!

Thanks for the info...
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