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Default Re: Anyone do bow parties

I had an open house/bow party at my house at the end of June and it was great. I'm pretty new to selling my hair accecsories (I usually give them as gifts) and I am horrible when it comes to taking pics and posting. I originally thought about really trying to get my etsy shop up and going but I just can't seem to get it together. So I tried out a craft show/market days and loved it, but I can't do it every month (hubby's a firefighter so his shifts fluctuate and my boys, well they're boys). I had been going nuts making clippies and bows, but no where to go so that is when I decided to have a party. I invited only about 20 people (previous customers only-just because I'm worried about being pushy). Well only 12 people were able to make it, but my total sales for the morning were $250.00. I was super happy with that. I set up all of my items as though I was at a craft show, and had a few snacks & drinks set up on my kitchen counter (really easy stuff, sliced up fruit, mini muffins, tea, lemonade, water) I had a small door prize give away- a set of clippies and toggle head band (I was trying to get a feel for interest in those) The times for the open house were from 10-1. I got so much positive feedback, that I am planning a back to school bow party in August. I'd also like to have one in November. I hope some of that helped. Good Luck!
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