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Default Re: Anyone do bow parties

Originally Posted by angelkajm View Post
I arive at least 1/2 hour to 45 minutes early depending on how many people are coming. My husband has made me some traveling peg board displays that I take with me and then I display my product a lot like I would for a craft show. I have lots of options and then I also have a form for custom bows and/or flowers. I find that people buy if they see it and can take it home rather than waiting for it come. Impulse buying ha ha ha

Thank you for youre reply..
what do you talk about do you just show them the ribbons you have or you just let them look at bows and shop.. sorry so many questions
im new at bow making and i've been thinking of doing a party at my house
to show my friends what im doing and see if i get some customers..
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