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Default Re: how to make bottlecap images

Originally Posted by kglee View Post
I don't know where to buy instructions but how I do a lot of mine (if I don't buy them) is:
1. make a 1" circle, maybe a little bigger so you don't have it right on the edges when punching them out
2. I usually google whatever image I am wanting to do and find one that is a very large image so that the dpi is higher so that when you size it down it is clear when printed out
3. size down your image into your 1" circle until you have it where you want it and there is your image in a 1" circle format

Don't know if that helps much but that is all that I know to do without actually doing it on the computer with the program. If you play around with the program you will figure out tricks here & there that will help ya out. HTH some and good luck
Thank you so much for your help!!
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