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Default Boutique Bow - Hand Sewn - SOMEONE Please Help

Hi All-

I have literally tried for DAYS to make a hand sewn boutique bow for my 2-year-old. I can kind of get it, but it just doesn't look curvy and wavy like it should. It doesn't have that scrunched look. I am using the instructions from It seems as though the two bottom sections come out really good when I scrunch it and they stay that way, but the top ones don't. It will look good when I turn them in, but then they like pop out and I have to constantly mess with it to make it have that look.Again, two of the parts or puffs look perfect, but the other two are scrunched. Does anyoe know what I am doing wrong. Or is this just how it is? Are you just supposed to mess with the other two parts to make and have that look. Any advice is greatly appreciated and thank you!!!
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