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Default Re: How do you attach your lining to your clips?

Originally Posted by davang1027 View Post
I use the double sided tape & it's WONDERFUL!! I've used terrifically tacky tape from Wal-Mart & just recently got Sealah tape and they're both great!!
Ditto this exactly. DO NOT use Fabric-Tac, it will peel off after a few days.

Here is how it works (pics attached):

1. Cut ribbon to 4.5" and heat seal ends, then apply tape to the back of the ribbon. Or, if you're making a bunch of clippies with the same ribbon, then you can apply the tape to a yard or two of ribbon, then go back and cut 4.5" lengths.

2. Peel the backing off the tape.

3. Open the alligator clip and stick the tape, sticky side up, onto the underside of the top part of the clip.

4. Then fold the ribbon up to cover the top side of the top of the clip.

5. I usually push the ribbon down into the hinge part, but I don't know why, I guess it doesn't really matter. Then fold it around to the back and go back and push the ribbon down all over to make sure it's stuck. All finished!

It makes a much smoother clip than hot glue and is much less messy and burn-inducing!

Let me know if this doesn't make sense!
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