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Default Re: Need Help with Envirotex Lite Resin

Ah yes - yet another response!!!

Ok - one thing I have learned - is to make SURE your resin is at room temp of 70 degrees or above, and be very wary of humidity! I was storing my bottles in our basement, and ruined about 100 caps!!! It was gettin ga spiderweb pattern in it and I had bubbles that would NOT release. Now, I keep the box of resins on top of my fridge or on top of my computer hard drive. Keeps it warm here in WI (BTW - it is 55 right now!!!!)

I also use the cheap brushes and throw everything away. I use th cups that I posted from Lee valley the other day. Measure exactly.

I put them on a wax paper lined piece of cardboard and then I put them in the lower portion of my double oven - I don't use it except for Turkey day. I don't turn on the heat - but I know dust is't flying around in there! I curefor at least 72 hours.

I also blow gently through a straw to get the bubbles out and I only do 20-24 caps at a time.
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