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Default Re: Need Help with Envirotex Lite Resin

So, here's my bit of experience with some of the questions that might not be completely answered or a little bit different way of doing it. Kaneogirl answered a lot of my questions when I started! She may post some responses later too.

4. How do you know how much to mix? I don't want to waste it. I use the cap to measure and use one cap full of each. Any more than that will start to go bad on you before you can get it used. Depending on how thick you put it on figure you can probably get 30-40 bottlecaps done with this amount.

5. I bought the $30.00 one much more expensive than diamond glaze. How many caps will it do. I bought the smaller size $10-$11 before I used my coupon at Michaels. I have done over 300 bottlecaps/scrabble tiles with this and still probably have about half filled bottles left! So, it goes a really long way.

6. Is it better than Diamond Glaze? I never used the Diamond Glaze. After researching on here, most people seemed to prefer the ET. Plus I have read that the Diamond Glaze doesn't hold up well during the summer heat. No personal experience though.

7. How long do I wait for them to be finished after I coat them?
At least 48 hours. I usually leave mine for 72 hours. And you want to be sure and keep them covered for at least the first 24 hours, so they don't get any dust. I usually just leave mine covered the whole 72 hours, except when I take a peek at them.

8. How do I get air bubbles away? Just gently blow or exhale on them, once the bubbles start to surface. If you get deeper ones, get a toothpick and pull them to the surface.

9. What do you put the resin on the caps with? A paint brush? or do you dip it in the resin. I use a medicine dropper. You can get a package of 2 at the dollar tree for $1. I usually clean mine out and twist a paper towel down in it to get it all out and I can reuse a dropper a few times.

Whoo! I hope that helps!
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