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Default Re: Need Help with Envirotex Lite Resin

i didnt read everyone's post--so if i am repeating--sorry.

this is what i do

I use a plastic spoon and those little paper cups. i put one spoonful of each liquid and stir. i use the cheap paint brushes and do my caps. i dont really ever do more than about 50 at a time. sometimes i have to make more mix.

i use a lighter to get the bubbles out. i use the lighter that you refill. not a zippo. but the one with the flexible long end. do you know which one i mean? i do it a few times, waiting sometime between each time.

i let them stay there for 24 hrs before i touch them.

i throw everything away afterwards--you can put the brush in gasoline if you want to save it, but i bought the big pack of brushes at walmart for like $2, so i just throw them out!

the trick at putting it on the caps--i put a drop in the center and then push it to the sides--you dont want it to go over or it will stick to what you have them sitting on.
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