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Default How do you attach your lining to your clips?

I hot glue, but I have to work so fast to make sure it does not turn out lumpy. The one thing I do like is how quick it is, but I am a bit of a perfectionist and also find myself pulling it off several times to get it right. Once I am on a roll though, I am fine. I just was wondering what other options are out there.

Also, my glue gun is so old it is covered in ribbon scraps and crafting items. I think I have had it since I was 12 - no kidding. Anyway, I can not figure out if it is a low-temp or hot-temp (if it was written on there at one point, it has worn away or is covered with ribbon). I am one of those girls who does not get rid of something until it dies, so will not get a new one until this one does (hoping it dies I know they are only $ is not the is the fact that it still works and it would be wasteful to get a new one. Anyway, I was curious to know which temp works the best. Does anyone have a preference? Wow, who knew someone could go on and on about a glue gun?

Now, I have fabric-tac, but have never used that and not even sure how well it would work. What does everyone use? How long does it take to set?
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