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Default Re: Need Help with Envirotex Lite Resin

Hi Teresa, something that I will add just to clairfy further is that ET Lite MUST be mixed in equal parts. It also must be thouroughly stirred for a full 2 minutes. When you stir make sure you are scraping the sides and botton of whatever you are mixing it in. Also, if any spills over the side of the cap it must be gotten off immediately. ET is very sticky so if you get it on your hands it will be difficult to get it off. I try to avoid getting it on my hands by wearing latex gloves but cutting off the finger tips so that I can still wipe up any spills and stuff like that. Don't be afraid. It will take some time to get used to but in the end it really is worth is. ET is the best stuff to use IMO. Also your 32 oz. cap will do at least your 500 caps. I haven't counted either but I know it will do that many. I don't paint mine one with a paint brush, I use a popsicle stick and then carefully spread it out to the sides. I like it to be very three dimensional.
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