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Default Re: Need Help with Envirotex Lite Resin

Yes, read the box first it will answer some questions. I measure out each part by using a syringe (free from pharmacy). Use a different syringe for each part so it won't harden and you can reuse.
Hope this helps!

1. What do you mix the two part mixture in? I use a plastic cup.

2. Will a plastic spoon work? Yes.

3. Should I mix this on my kitchen table? I do, but put some paper down or something. I actually have an old cookie sheet that I use just for crafting. I line it with wax paper each time and then just trash the liner.

4. How do you know how much to mix? I don't want to waste it. You'll need to do small batches or it will "set up" on you. You can always mix up more.

5. I bought the $30.00 one much more expensive than diamond glaze. How many caps will it do. I really haven't counted, sorry.

6. Is it better than Diamond Glaze? Never used that. But I love ETLite!

7. How long do I wait for them to be finished after I coat them? I wait 48 hours to ensure they don't get fingerprints, etc.

8. How do I get air bubbles away? Take a straw and gently blow on the top of the caps. You'll see the bubbles pop. Easy!

9. What do you put the resin on the caps with? A paint brush? or do you dip it in the resin. I use a cheapie kids paintbrush.
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