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Default Re: Flip Flop Instructions?

Originally Posted by pat font View Post
The glue that better works for these is E600 and as for attaching the bow to the v part i use zip-ties those plastic things used to roll cables.
i can tell you even if the dog eats the flip flop the bow will still be attached to the V part taht is for shure no way bows are falling of with that.
I use the glue to attach the ribbon braid to the plastic strap then the zip ties to attach the bows and last the knot part to cover the zip ties folding it under so nothing itches feet.
Hopes this helps you guys if you need someting else just let me know....i am glad to help anytime!

Thank you Pat.

I might have to try that when i do my next pair, i tried the flip flop glue and it works you just have to plan ahead to use it cause it takes longer to dry but it works.

Thank you again for your help.


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