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Default Re: Urgent Please tell me it's possible

Originally Posted by jtgarrido View Post
Where are you in WV, that's where I'm at if you ever need anything like that again really quick. I'm in Huntington.
Thanks...I'm near Clarksburg so were only about 2 hours away maybe closer....that's cool to see someone else near here :-)...makes me feel not so alone in my little neck of the world.

I am so so so so so excited for today since they'll be here...bad thing is I have to work until 2 and won't get home till 3-4....grrrr makes me want to call off and stalk the mailman (actually it's a mailwoman). Thanks again to everyone for all your help... whoever mentioned the delicate cycle it worked on most of the ribbon (I placed it all in a small mesh laundry bag to help keep it together). only the white and lite pink stained (it was hit hardest with the spagetti). I didn't wash the korker strands since they'd probably just go limp and look I didn't want to dig all 40+ out of the garbage that day. Not to mention I have gorgeous korker bows on the way thanks to princessfancypants fast work...THANKS.

I will post pics of her in her pageant outfit and the outcome (she'll win a tiara and sash regarless as a princess but were hoping for atleast queen or mini supreme) as soon as I can (pageant is Sunday so probably Tuesday before I can get pics)
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