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Default Re: Sharing some cheer bows

Originally Posted by pinkygirl79 View Post
I just went to the fabric store and there was this lady looking for stuff to make a cheer bow. I overheard her chatting with another woman who "makes bows". The lady goes on to tell her Oh I can make you one but i'm really busy. For a bow like that it would be $45 because it takes a really long time and I would be basically charging you for my time. I have never made a cheer bow so I am not positive, But... I dont think it would take long enough to charge $45 for???? Unless the bow was laced with shaved gold

Harder then they look but definately not $45 hard.

I only craft and make bows for myself and friends and as gifts, however especially living in the community that I do, I have learned if they love it people will pay, and pay alot.

I am pretty good, and I could probably sell locally and charge decent prices, but I do what I do for the love of it and I am oddly possesive of my creations.
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