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Default Re: All White Fancy Bow??

Originally Posted by My4Kiddos View Post
I have made a few sets bows for a some girls in a local school that wear uniforms. There colors are yellow, navy, white.

Navy swiss dot is nice for clippies. Can you do a solid white or navy bow with a hunter center/clip. Lining the clips in hunter can be a subtle way to bring in that color.

What about flowers? Can you do some white flowers or even a navy one, though they are harder to find?

What about or hunter/white? I used a yellow/white stripe for one order and added a navy center to pull in that uniform color.
Dots and Stripes are ok, and I'm rereading the dress code to find out if I can add khaki since they are allowed to wear them.

And, unforunately if it has hunter anywear on it, my girls won't touch it. On of the little boys teased Bailey last year for wearing a Hunter shirt cuz it was a boy color and she just simply refuses now.
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