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Default Re: All White Fancy Bow??

Can they only wear those colors in their hair also?? Our school uniform colors are kakhi, navy, and red. My sister makes tons of bows for my school and our public school (which also wears uniforms) She puts Pink with the Red, Makes a Shades of Blue bow, and all kinds of fun things like that. Somewhere I have pictures of her "school" bows. The bow is one of the only ways to have fun with a school uniforms. My daughter is in public school this year (yep she is only three,but had a Traumatic Brain Injury last year) Last year when she was there they could wear any shades of Blue, Red (put not pink), Yellow, Green, and White. Thankfully this year they can wear any color unmarked polo shirt I am going to have so much fun this year. She aways stuck out last year though because of her bows and her funky socks!
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