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Default Re: Urgent Please tell me it's possible

Originally Posted by MnMs0805 View Post
Thanks to both HarmonyBowtiue for the vent and the help I so so so needed that and to Princessfancypants for the hairclips and for getting it done so quickly.

Princessfancypants-- they are so adorable I can't wait for them to get here

Everything is good now...Dh and I got into this huge fight (we were both on edge already about other things) and he made some not so nice comments about my worthless hobby and my lazy butt so I threw everything in the garbage and they ended up with cereal and spagetti all over them. Dh left for a while to cool down and ended up calling me bawling from his mothers. We talked everything out and apolozised. We havn't been in a huge fight like that since I was 8 months preggo with Isaiah and took off walking 3 miles to my aunts house...come to think of it that was over something stupid too (nursery color). Just wanted to let you know everything is cool, calm, and collected here. Now I just need to figure out how to clean my stuff....grrrr
Throw ribbons and bows in the washer on delicate cycle.
I have to do that often.
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