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Default Re: WOW!!! Bottlecap tool!!!!

Is this the exact one you that you bought? I know others have posted that they use one of these tools, but I need to know exactly which one. I have one that I use for my bow cards and I tried it on the bottlecaps and it was a definite no go. So, I'm thinking they must be using a better quality one on the bottlecaps. This would make my life so much easier. Wouldn't have to rely on hubby to drill holes. Thanks!

Originally Posted by sla762 View Post
OK ladies!!!! This ROCKS!!!! And maybe some of you already have one and use it, but it is new to me. I make caps and then drill them with a titanium bit , but then always have to do a second step and fire up my dremmel tool to sand off the inner punched edge. is a PITA when I have to drill through a "bump" on the top of the cap - impossible!

Well - lo and behold - OF COURSE they make a tool for this! I have tried paper punches, crop-a-dile - to no avail.

Hole Punch Pliers - 1.8mm

This thing ROCKS!!!! Punches like it is cutting through butter! Easy on the hand, no rough edges - yippie!!!!

Also - Lee Valley is having a special - no shipping until the 19th - I buy my mixing cups from there - 100/4.95
Lee Valley Tools - Important Announcement

Happy shopping, ladies!
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