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Default WOW!!! Bottlecap tool!!!!

OK ladies!!!! This ROCKS!!!! And maybe some of you already have one and use it, but it is new to me. I make caps and then drill them with a titanium bit , but then always have to do a second step and fire up my dremmel tool to sand off the inner punched edge. is a PITA when I have to drill through a "bump" on the top of the cap - impossible!

Well - lo and behold - OF COURSE they make a tool for this! I have tried paper punches, crop-a-dile - to no avail.

Hole Punch Pliers - 1.8mm

This thing ROCKS!!!! Punches like it is cutting through butter! Easy on the hand, no rough edges - yippie!!!!

Also - Lee Valley is having a special - no shipping until the 19th - I buy my mixing cups from there - 100/4.95
Lee Valley Tools - Important Announcement

Happy shopping, ladies!
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