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Default Re: Messy Flower Clip

thanks so much for doing this. I have been at this all day. I love the ribbon better than the fabric. I am going to put bottle cap centers. Then add a piece of felt to back of each one and then put a pin and an alligator clip. My question to you is how to keep the flowers flat and so they don't curl? I think this would be a good change for all of us. Where I live there is so many hair bow makers.

Originally Posted by RandR View Post
this is how I do mine......

A very loose straight stitch.....

(here I am using 1 1/2 ribbon..but you would use fabric...of course if you want your fabric to look "messy" just pull some of the threads and you will see it become wil be not as bulky as a ribbon..

start will start curling on its own...

I like to back stitch at the begining...and then at the end I leave a long piece of string to help gather the ribbon a bit more....I used 1 yd of ribbon for this..but I like to tug on it till I have 12 inches of a rufle....lolol..this is how you make ruffles for clothing too!

start gathering with your hand and turning it as tightly or loosely as you want it....
when you are comfortable with the size you want...i use a needle and start just stitching threw every layer of the ribbon/fabric...and just pull a bit as it gathers together..I like to make a couple of stitches to have a good hold on the whole thing....

Then just add a center...covered button.....
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