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Default Re: Help with the Boutique Bow

Originally Posted by ThreeBlessingsBowtique View Post
I think you are using too long a length of ribbon to make them full and loopie, try using like 18: of ribbon, should give you about a 3.5 inch bow......if you want a bigger width of bow, use a 1.5 inch ribbon
I agree....use 18" of ribbon so that the loops won't be so big and will help give more of a perky loop appearance. Also, from the last pic you posted, it looks like something is going on with the creasing. I personally use the Gator Bite for creasing my bows. I have a salon clip as well, but I have much better results from using my Gator Bite.
Just remember these tips:
1. Make skinny figure 8's.
2. As you are making the bow, you are working on the BACK side of the bow.
3. When tying off your bow, go from the front of the bow to the back to begin tying off, then wrap the strings around the front and then to back again and tie off once more.
4. Practice, practice, practice. I bet every bow maker on this forum will tell you that the first SEVERAL bows they made looked pretty bad . I know it can get frustrating, but don't give'll get a feel for it after you keep trouble-shooting.
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