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What I did is put together a little catalog of bows I could make them, including bows they had seen on the internet they had liked, plus my prices. Then I let them pick which they wanted. They asked for all of theirs to be on pony o's but you can give them a choice. The way a lot of women do it on here is charge a dollar per inch on the bow. Like a 6 inch cheer bow might be about 6 dollars. HOWEVER, that would be for a single layer of grosgrain. Its going to be more if the bow is made with several colors of ribbon or made with sequined or metallic ribbon that has to be attached with hemming tape. Then its going to go up in price. I don't really have a formular to use. I'm also building my business so I tried to give these girls pretty good prices so maybe the word would spread faster.

I know some people take the amount of money it took to make the item and then they double it and there's the price. I would probably just research what some are going for on the internet and go from there.
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