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Default Re: Help me make Korkers for Madalynn's Pageant!!!

Originally Posted by jtgarrido View Post
I always sew mine four times through. The ribbon you got at Wal-Mart, Proud to be American, may give you problems. I bought some, tried korking it, and the print kept coming off. Sooo, if this happens, it wasn't your fault, I don't think this particular ribbon was made for heat or spray starch. Be sure you don't push your needle all the way through until you have all the korked ribbon on the needle, that way it should stay good and tight. Hope this helps also.
Yea I know...the wording did lighten up to pink instead of white but it still looks really cute so I am still gonna use it. I used hairspray though so maybe that's why not all of mine came off. It korked gorgeous though and tight. Thanks for the tips I only have 1 dowel rod left to do
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