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Default Re: Help me make Korkers for Madalynn's Pageant!!!

Originally Posted by MnMs0805 View Post
Ladies thank for your help...I am sure it is gonna help a ton. Unfortunately thanks to my hubby I am still korking ribbon (I have been all day). I still have two or more dowel rods to complete. Hubby used all my dowel rods for other things...god if I know what so I only have dowel to do all the korkers.

I may strangle that man when he walks in the I finished two dowels full of korker ribbon before I realized that I don't like how it looks after it's baked (lost all the luster and shinyness it had) so I had to start over with different ribbon. I just bought cheap Walmart ribbon since that was the only place open at 12am when I went shopping. That's probably my

I ended up going with this ribbon (all from Walmart) that is red and says "Proud to be an American", a blue ribbon I really like that says "USA" in red and white, and just plain white ribbon. The korker is mostly gonna be made up of the blue ribbon with just the red and white as accents...hopefully it turns out nice. I will post pics when done :-)

Thanks again ladies!!

Good Luck with it!! DH can be so goofy sometimes!!! LOL!!! I am sure they will turn out very nice! Hey what part of WV are you from??
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