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Default Re: Beaded Clippies and French Clips/Pony Os

I bought some similar to these just at Target about a year ago. They are made just like joelena said; get some headpins (get a thicker gauge) and make your dangles. Check it out here Beadazzled Bead Tips: How to Make Earrings to see how to make earring dangles with a headpin. Also be sure to have your pony-o and jumprings that are large enough to go around & to move a little bit (but not too much). After making the earring dangle part, loop the jumpring through the loop you created on the earring dangle. Attach the jumpring through the pony o. Do that for as many dangles as you want on your pony o. If you have any questions, let me know--I also make jewelry on the side so might be able to help you out. HTH!!
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