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Smile Re: Help me make Korkers for Madalynn's Pageant!!!

Originally Posted by princessfancypants View Post
sorry I cant help, do you want me to make them for you as a raok?
try using 45-50 korks in the bow! it wont be floppy then!
I don't know what raok means lol but thanks for the offer...unfortunately her pageant is Sunday so I don't think their would be enough time for me to get the ribbon to you and then you to me...leave it to me to wait till last minute. Thanks for the info on the korkers though I will definatly try more korkers :-) hopefully my next attempt is much This time I will have to post Jut wanted to say your korkers are awesome!!

Originally Posted by jyoung434 View Post
I was having the same problem -- mine were HORRIBLE. Then I used these directions: - Hair Clips, Ribbon, Headbands and more... and they came out awesome. Here are the ones I've made since then (the blue and white one was the first one I did with these instructions): DCBaby on Etsy - Korkers

I cut the korker pieces to 2.5", but to make sure they were even, I measured the 1st couple and then used those pieces to cut the next few. It turned out that a korker piece cut to 2.5" has 5 "curls" on it, so it was really easy to figure out where the middle was. I used around 35-40 pieces for each korker and got a soft doll needle from Joann's, which is a lot longer and bigger than a regular needle - made it much easier to stack up all the korkers! And once it's all sewn and tied off, just fluff it up a bit to make it more round.

HTH, please let me know if you have any other questions or if I can help out any more. Good luck!
Thanks for the link to the video it was a huge help. I am a visuale learner so the video helped a lot. Before I was letting each korker slide down alone and I think that's why mine messed up. I'm gonna try it again. Thanks for the tip with the 5 curls...for 2.5. I'm not sure what size dowles I have (can you tell I am an amature) but after I measure that is a good way to remember. Next time I am at JoAnn's I will have to get one of those needles if I decide I like sewing Korkers. I have to stop in there this week anyways to get a sewing machine needle for MIL so she can fool with stuff for her pageant (she is waiting last minute as well lol)...thanks again for you help and the video link and your korkers look gorgeous as well.
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