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Angry Help me make Korkers for Madalynn's Pageant!!!

Okay Ladies so my korkers suck!!! I have made two before and they turned out decent enough for her to wear them but for some reason the one I made yesterday got all tangled in itself and looked horrible to post. I was trying to make it really full and poofy and it was just a mess instead. I would also like to try and sew this one so she can keep it and I havn't done that before. I tried to sew it the second time it didn't get tight enough and looked floppy and bad. I have always just tied them and she's wore them once and caput their done for. I love the look when their tied how full and poofy they are hopefully that can be done by sewing it.

Does anyone know why it tangled in itself. I was cutting the ribbon 3 inches and I had 29 (I think..opps lost count) korkes in the bow. Was the ribbon to long or did I not have enough korkers....grrr. Now I know why I will never sell my TIA... I am gonna try to look some different stuff up to try after I feed the monkeys but I thought I would ask you talented ladies your opinions first...
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