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Default Brother 270D

So I am kicking myself right about now, about 6 months ago my husband needed some work shirts embroidered and we had discussed getting the brother machine. We go to walmart he had it in the basket and I talked him out of it, I just wasn't for sure if I was going to be capable of sewing etc... I sewed in HS but that is about it and every time i tried, something would always get jammed. So here I am trying to start some kind of business, and I am pondering whether or not i should try my hand at this. Any advice for a newbie starting to sew? should I talk my husband into investing in this? Is it something that is easily learned? Or should I wait and sell enough bows to cover the cost, or should it be included in my startup fees???? Sorry for all the questions but I figured if anyone could help it would be you all!!! Thanks in Advance! Lisbeth
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