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Default Re: cuttlebug vs cricut

Originally Posted by rachel66 View Post
cynthia--were are those die cuts?? did you get your machine!!
darn it!, I was there at Michael's yesterday, so excited and whatever. Walked in, and then it dawned on me "shoot! I don't hv a coupon".. walked to where the cutters are at, NO SIZZIX!!! But I saw the bigkick

WTH?!? coz, for the first time EVER, I walked out with a *$0.25 face* (how pathetic is that, lol), Michael's empty-handed!...*vent vent vent puff puff puffing puff puff*

I'm going back later today and gonna ASK one of the staff this time. IF, I *fail* again, I'm gonna say heck with it and buy it online. Been waiting on this since DEC!=(..blech...

I'm not all that. I just like the last part.
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