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Default Re: Bottlecap Display help desperately Needed!

Originally Posted by kaneohegirl View Post
I am guessing you are using diamond glaze/triple thick/ or some other **Glue/Glaze** option.

being in a HIGH HUMIDITY state that type of sealer will not ever cure completly... add that to the SWEAT of the person wearing it.... ewwwww YUCK

you need to go to ET Lite... this will harden to a HARD plastic state and will not do this
I agree.

When I first started with bottle caps I tried using triple thick thinking it would be a lot easier than ET Lite. I will admit it is easier but when you have to throw them away it is more work. I live in Canada so not near as hot but I still had problems and will now only us ET Lite for all my sealing.

I put my caps on necklaces for people and hang them off of pegboard for display purposes.
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