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Default Re: Bottlecap Display help desperately Needed!

I am guessing you are using diamond glaze/triple thick/ or some other **Glue/Glaze** option.

being in a HIGH HUMIDITY state that type of sealer will not ever cure completly... add that to the SWEAT of the person wearing it.... ewwwww YUCK

you need to go to ET Lite... this will harden to a HARD plastic state and will not do this

when I started doing bottle caps I bought some caps from some sellers that made GREAT ones without using etlite.... because I wanted those designs...At my first Summer show I took one out to wear as a *walking display* and within in 2 hours of 60%humidity in 90 heat the glue/sealer was coming off on my skin... EWWWW GROSSS

I pulled all of them and tossed them.... lesson learned make my own ONLY using EtLite
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