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Default Re: Help with the Boutique Bow

Hey Ladies!
Just popping in here to add a few comments...

One thing that could affect the perkiness of your loops is the quality of your ribbon. Some grosgrains are really whimpy and limp and it makes it harder for the loops to stand up.

I totally agree about making a skinny figure 8. That is the best way to get full loops. But in the end, it's all about getting a perfect crease that makes your loops perky and the ideal twisted boutique.

For me, it's easiest to do the figure 8 method and then hold the center with a salon clip. Then I flip it over and sew on the right side. If you can get three even stitches you should get a perfect crease. (IMO, if you tie yours you can't always guarantee an even crease...but that could totally just be because I have always sewn mine and I'm sure others who tie theirs get great results too).

Some swear by the templates, but I've had great luck with the figure 8...just lots and lots and lots of practice....and I still end up pulling the stitches out sometimes and starting over.

Good luck!
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