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Default Re: Calling all Bottlecap makers

Originally Posted by theprepp View Post
I saw some for sale in a boutique the other day. They did the bottle caps inside out, so the design is on the underside. Then on the back they have a magnet glued on, and the necklaces are seperate with a round metal piece wrapped into the stretchy necklace part that slips/stretches right over the head and the bottlecap just magnifies on there. Then you can change them out.
Also, it made a great display b/c they were all just attached to a little metal board that sat up on the counter. They said they sold great!

They were 6 for the cap and 6 for the necklaces.
Are you talking about these:
m3 Girl Designs - The Original Interchangeable Bottle Cap Necklace!

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