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Default Re: LAMBS new RIB-N-RAPS template

Originally Posted by JenniCA View Post
After reading the booklet there is one thing I wish was in there. Not all of us know what a certain bow is supposed to look like. I wish that each set of directions for the different bows showed a picture of the finished bow.
For instance, there are directions for a "Tails Out Wrap" The directions are clear and easy to understand but I have no idea what a "Tails Out Bow" is supposed to look like so I don't know if that is the bow I am wanting to make. I think it would be a great help, especially to newbies like me, to have a picture of the finished bow for each of the different directions.
The cover shows a picture of 7 bows. I have no idea which bow is which.
Just my two cents tho. You pros will know exactly what each bow is supposed to look like! Me, I haven't a clue. LOL
i believe the tails wrap out is the pink one on the website pic
are you ever too old to wear bows?!
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