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Default Re: Help me decide!!!

Originally Posted by cutiepea View Post
Just thought I'd share what I used on my DD's sandals for the 4th.
We were walking out the door and I thought her shoes looked a little plain so I grabbed a couple of mini korkers that I had made and just stuck them on her shoes. The alligator clip fit right in between the holes.

She got a ton of compliments on them so this might be something you could elaborate on for your DD's outfit. HTH
Thanks the shoes are adorable and I may try some of those clippes out

Originally Posted by girlybaby View Post
how adorable! i love the outfit and the shoes your planning! for the hair i would go glitter! a stretchy glimmer ribbon or baby blue ribbon with sparkles--make a few layers of red,white,blue, for her bow and in the middle of it all add a big heart--sew it all onto the ribbon so it doesnt fall off-if she has enough hair make 2 mini pony tails and add tons of curls you know the other pageant moms are going to go crazy with the oufits so try to add maybe a sparkle or 2 for her performance( if they allow it or a glow stick would work shape them into a U.S.A. --and have fun, lots of smiles and kisses! GL!
LOL your post made me smile I love your bow idea...I have no idea how to start but I like the idea and will try it. Madalynn doesn't have enough hair for a ponytail yet let alone piggys (I of these days) I've seen most of the outfits that the girls in Madalynn's age group are wearing (gotta love and their all either 4th of july dresses off the rack or similar custom things (Madalynn's is really unique). Most of the little girls don't have much or any hair either so their a pretty easy playing field. I don't think there are performances in any age group for this pageant...atleast I am sure of it for Madalynn's age is a small all natural pageant for the fun of it...but have you seen the crazy moms on Thanks for the wishes and good lucks and I will be sure to post pics of whatever I decide and pics from the pageant!!!
BTW your little girl is adorable
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