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Default Re: Elastic on button pony-o's???

This is the way I do it and it works and is quick and easy. Forget the large elastics cos like you said they won't go through. Use the thin elastics only. Thread a needle with reasonably strong cotton (I double the thread), thread the needle through the shank for a few inches. Hook the elastic with the needle and thread, thread the needle back into the shank and pull.....the thread will pull the elastic through the hole in the shank - stop there (otherwise if you keep pulling, you will pull the elastic all the way through and then you'll have to start all over again). You will have like a figure 8 with the elastic (a loop either side of the shank) and from there you just hook one of the elastic loops over the other, pull and bingo...finished!! I hope you understand all this, but it really is very easy and simple and only takes a few seconds to do.
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