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Default Re: need help painting bottlecaps

again that is great for people who want to buy them but this thread was regarding how to paint them not buy them.

initially i was just trying to figure out which was the best method to use so was hoping someone that had done it would have some suggestions. but i just did a little research online & have figured out several paints that seem to work great i'm just waiting a few weeks to see how they hold up. it really isn't hard if you use a good paint and seal it.

i have done both spray painting as well as hand painting which sounds time consuming but it really wasn't.

the spray paint will def leave a smoother surface but for those who live in cold weather or don't want to go outside to spray can always paint them.

i will post the process i used when test is complete but a few good brands i would suggest are:

if you use a primer, paint & sealer will always have the best results. a lot of people say they don't use the primer but i did.

rust-oleum excellent brand from home depot offers craft spray paint & brush on as well as the primer & sealer. high quality.

krylon spray paint & they have a spray sealerbrush on paint as well

delta permenamel great for metal & coats nice goes with surface conditioner & sealer

more to come....
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