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Default Re: New Bottle Cap Images - Honest Opinions Needed

I get it now, my regular email is what you meant. My phone line has been messed up. A neighbor connected their service for the first time and somehow in the process the darn phone installer disconnected mine. I was like are you kidding me this is my business email address. Grrrrrr. To top it off the phone company refuses to come out and reconnect my line for a week. They said "sorry mam even though it's our fault a week is the soonest we can get someone out there". Can you believe that. Anyways, if anyone on here needs me, it's best to PM me here for now! I'm sorry to all my customers that have been contacting me by my regular email. It's it's easier that way then PM me and I will give you my alternate email. Thanks ladies for letting me vent lol!
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