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Default Re: Anyone need painted bottlecaps

Originally Posted by davang1027 View Post
What would be total price for 50 drilled and 50 not drilled? (All painted)
Hang on lets make this a little easier lol. Here's my cap pricing:

painted caps - $10 for 100 (or .10 each with a minimum of 25)
flattened caps - $8 per 100
Drilling holes (a single hole in top) - $6 per 100
Drilling holes (two holes with one in top and one in bottom) - $12 per 100
Drilling holes (three holes with one in top and two in bottom) -$15 per 100

This gives a standard price list to go off of. It's always hard cause people want different quantities. Maybe this helps if someone wants some drilled, some not drilled, some flattened etc. For different quantities you would just divide or mulitply the pricing structure. Hope that makes sense. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask!
Painted Bottle Caps, Images and Completed Caps
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