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Default Re: need help painting bottlecaps

Originally Posted by designsbycristi View Post
Painting bottle cap can be very challenging. It took me a very long time to master it. So many things get factored into if your cap turns out nice or not. I can't give my secrets, but I am happy to paint caps for anyone that needs them. My prices are very cheap at only .10 each with a minimum of 25 caps. Many ladies on here have been more than satisfied with my work. Please see these threads for my colors and also comments from others:

Let me know if anyone would like some. I have painted 2,400 for ladies on this group already and I just got another huge order of caps in!
I'm one of the ladies who have ordered caps from Cristi and at only .10 a piece, it's not worth my time to waste trying to figure out how to do it to make it look nice, not to mention the cost & hassle of getting all the caps & paint when they are this cheap. Cristi's are way awesome, they look fabulous & I am hoping to make some bottlecaps this week w/ the bottlecap graphics I also got from her. I too looked into making my own, but with all the trial & error & money that I'd waste trying to figure it out, I'd rather pay someone else .10 a cap, because that's well worth it to me. But that's just my opinion.
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