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i have the sbb instructions and found it to not be worth the money spent, thankfully, i purchased when it was on sale several months ago, but to be honest, there isn't anything there that cannot be found for free, but if you are looking for really good instructions and include size and length of ribbon needed to recreate some bows, i would go w/ The Ribbon Retreat, but my fav. is TNT (Top Notch Templates) from No Bow No go.
I went crazy and bought so many instructions in making bows w/out templates and they are not worth it---go free, use you tube or use the search in this forum and you will really find the info. i know how hard it can be to sit down and search for it on the internet, but i have 3 kids and expecting my 4th any day now and seriously if i had spent the time to just search for free ones, i could have saved myself so much money in the end and just end w/ the templates that i like which is TNT, and BBM. Good Luck

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