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Default Re: glitter headbands

Originally Posted by Sarah View Post
I was trying to make these headbands, too! A friend asked me to make her daughter a "Jenny Finch" softball headband, and that is what these are. I took pictures of my babysitter's headband that was very similar. I went to JoAnn's today and bought some fancy iron-on trim that is sparkly silver and black. I was planning on ironing it on to the elastic all the way around....does that make sense? I can post a pic when I'm done.

Otherwise, are you just cutting the foam to the same width as the ribbon and using E6000 to keep it in place and then attaching the elastic to the bottom part?

I attached some pics of a headband like this that the babysitter bought.
The sheets of glitter come 9x12, so 12" is perfect size. I sewed the elastic onto it and then if I covered the end, I would just glue that part. I wanted to make some of those double ones too but haven't found thin enough trim yet to make it look decent.
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