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Default Re: Flower--Beanie Question

Originally Posted by creativekiddos View Post
I buy them wholesale.
I could do a group buy on those at a huge discount, but I need to buy them by the dozen so I would only be able to do this if
we did a poll on the colors to order and then lets say we order 5 colors then everyone would get a few of each color or 12 of each color.

I can get the following colors
light blue
mint green
hunter green
dark brown

are you talking about the first link? Those are the ones I like the most. How much would they be? I would be interested in white, black, dark brown, purple, and maybe light blue. Can you get light pink?? Also, do you have any idea if they could come without the crochet flower attached? I know people would want to be able to clip a silk flower onto the hat...THANKS!

Oh duh, I am an idiot. I just saw the price.

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